Privacy Policy

Print Holdings Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and relevant legislation. Our privacy policy outlines how we manage personal information:

Collection of Personal Information

  • Personal information is only collected for legitimate purposes directly related to our functions or activities and is necessary for those purposes.
  • Unlawful or unfair means of collection are strictly prohibited.


Awareness and Consent

  • When collecting personal information directly from individuals, we ensure they are aware of:
    • The purpose of collection,
    • Legal authority or requirement for the collection,
    • Usual recipients of the information.


Quality of Information

  • We take reasonable steps to ensure that:
    • The information collected is relevant, up to date, and complete,
    • The collection process minimally intrudes upon the individual’s privacy.


Security and Protection

  • Personal information in our possession is safeguarded against loss, unauthorized access, use, modification, or misuse.
  • We ensure confidentiality and security, especially when personal information is shared for service provision.


Access and Transparency

  • We maintain records detailing:
    • Types of personal information held,
    • Purpose of each type of record,
    • Categories of individuals about whom records are kept,
    • Record retention period,
    • Conditions and entitlements for access.
  • These records are made available for public inspection and provided annually to the Commissioner.


Rights of Individuals

  • Individuals have the right to access their personal information, subject to legal exceptions.
  • We commit to correcting any inaccuracies in personal information to ensure accuracy, relevance, and completeness.


Use of Personal Information

  • Personal information is not used or disclosed without ensuring it is accurate, up to date, and complete for its intended use.
  • Use or disclosure is strictly for the purpose for which it was collected unless:
    • Consent is obtained for other uses,
    • Necessary to prevent a serious threat to life or health,
    • Required or authorized by law,
    • Necessary for law enforcement or public revenue protection.


Disclosure of Personal Information

  • Disclosures are made only where:
    • The individual has consented,
    • The individual is reasonably likely to have been aware or made aware of such disclosures,
    • Necessary to prevent a serious threat to life or health,
    • Required or authorized by law.


Restrictions on Recipients

  • Recipients of disclosed personal information are prohibited from using or disclosing the information for purposes other than those for which it was given.


By adhering to these principles, Print Holdings Pty Ltd ensures the respectful and secure handling of personal information, safeguarding the privacy rights of individuals.